Todays guest


"The Day’s Guest was a project I made in connection with that my coloring book, Wondrous Creatures, got their homepage in 2015.

I invited children and, later, those that were children one time, to draw strange, naughty, funny, dangerous, crazy, beautiful and sweet creatures that became the Day’s Guest here on the website and on our Facebook page. As a part of the project, I wanted to, at last, make a product with all the creatures that had been on a visit in the Day’s Guest.



It turned out to be a festive pleasure and creatures came from near and far, drawn by “creatures” of the ages of 2-66 years old.



The product has been a long time coming, but do not worry, for now it is finally on the way…

Until today you can greet all the beautiful guests we had visit us in 2015.

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